Confronting Video Game Addiction

Video game addiction is on the increase around the world. As more people spend increased amounts of time in front of computer or TV screens, it is becoming a serious problem.

Video games used to be played with a group of friends at home. However, online gaming is now becoming increasingly popular. This is where people play against opponents via the internet and create a kind of online social gaming community.

This virtual interaction can in some cases become a substitute for real interaction and players can become addicted to beating their virtual opponents – playing games for hours at a time.

This can be bad for their health because there is no one to check on the player and they can be stuck alone in a room, immersed in their computer games for long periods.

The goal is often about getting to the next level with these games and this can tip over into addiction as the person tries to beat opponents or improve their personal best score.

Spending too much time in front of computer screens can not only be addictive but also bad for the eyes and general physical fitness. It is a very sedentary pursuit and means the body is starved of exercise and sunlight, which it needs to function.

Playing computer games alone can also lead to feelings of isolation which could contribute long-term to mental health problems.

Video game addiction can even get so bad that people forgetแทงบอลออนไลน์ to take a break to eat or drink. There was a recent case where Taiwanese man died after playing a computer game for 40 hours straight without taking a break.

The young man had booked himself into a room at a local internet cafe and stayed there for two days straight playing a game without eating. When found he was still conscious but collapsed shortly afterwards and died in hospital.

The authorities suspected that the long hours spent in a sedentary position playing an intense game, without food or breaks, may have caused cardiovascular problems which led to his death.