Cognitive Games to Improve the Cognitive Power of the Brain

Do you know that the inherent benefit of playing cognitive games is to keep the brain sharp and the mind alert? Aging is a natural process but with it comes diseases that leave us worrying for the rest of lives. Before one begins to see the streaks of graying on head, one tends to forget names, numbers and even fail to recall known faces. To hone the mental faculties, playing cognitive games is very essential as they have a positive impact.

Several research studies have confirmed that training in cognitive brain games help improve processing speed, attention and working memory. These แทงบอลออนไลน์ attributes make up the broad cognitive skills of the individuals. Cognitive games are designed in such a way that it stresses either of the cognitive skills or a combination of all leading to healthier brain.

It is essential that human brain should be kept in constant stimulation to perform better. Just as physical exercises help in strengthening muscles, cognitive games help improving brain functioning and quickens ability to respond. As a spill over effect cognitive games can be great stress buster too.

Let us check some of the online games designed to improve cognitive control if played on a regular basis for 10-15 minutes of time. For example: Lost in migration f is a simple game that helps improve reaction time and enhances your ability to stay focused on your objective.

This particular game can be used for increasing productivity and avoiding distraction, besides enhancing concentration. In this game a flock of bird appears on the screen. What you need to do is to click on the arrow corresponding to direction of the central bird. Playing this game will help you decrease automatic response to stimuli and increases focus.

Bird watching for instance is another cognitive game. In this game, the aim is to collect as many birds as possible by spelling bird names. In the center of the screen a letter will appear and a picture of bird will also appear. One needs to click on the location of the bird. If it is clicked correctly then you get the chance to select a letter that will appear in the box. In this fashion you can collect birds by spelling bird names.

This game helps improving visual processing with emphasis on peripheral vision and has often proved useful while driving as well as in improving attention span. There are different levels in the game and each level gets challenged as one graduate higher up. So in all, the online cognitive games can simply be fun to play besides their several benefits.